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Edible Gifts

Give the gift of Eating!

 There is nothing worse this time of year than trawling the swarming shops for the inevitable christmas gifts for your nearest and dearest.  Although I am partial to a bit of retail therapy, when it comes to the christmas chaos, the lure of the festive kitchen is far more attractive.

Making edible gifts is something I relish during this festive period – to be able to share my enjoyment of food in edible form is something that far surpasses the contentment felt with any other offering.

Although delicious staples, the likes of mince pies, truffles and spiced biscuits are particularly perishable and far from ideal!  Gifts that can be stored, wrapped and placed under the tree a week or so in advance makes the christmas period far less stressful.  With this in mind I have created 3 recipes for edible gifts that not only can be made well in advance of the big day, but can be enjoyed by their recipients well into the new year.

Infused Sugars – Citrus, Mixed Spice, Rose, Orange and Cardamom:

These infused sugars are fantastic little gifts for keen cooks or bakers.  Delicately infused, these sugars are best made a week or so in advance to allow the flavours to permeate the sugar.  Stored in sealed ramekins/jars these sugars improve with maturity, keep for months and look great under the tree! 

Marshmallow – Christmas Spice , Lemon and Coconut, Raspberry Ripple:

Although a little more time consuming, marshmallow is great fun to make and always well received.  The basic recipe creates delicious ‘mallow that can be easily tailored to the recipient – choose your own flavour combinations to make it an extra special gift.

Christmas Granola:

This recipe is simple, easy and relatively quick to make but is bursting with Christmas flavour.  Great to make in batches and divide between jars to make multiple gifts.  Golden and crunchy, my homemade granola is full of toasted nuts, christmas spice, zest orange and plump cranberry.  This edible gift is sure to keep the festive spirit going well into the new year!

So go on, give the gift of eating this christmas – a gift from the kitchen and the heart that far surpasses anything you can buy in the shops!

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