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RELAUNCH: Hells Belles’ Bites

So after 2 years of blogging and nearly 100 recipes later, I decided my blog needed a lick of paint and a delicious make-over!

Today marks the launch of my NEW blog…

…Still with the same catchy name, informative articles and tasty recipes, just spruced up and organised to make navigation much easier!  

With categorised recipes, search bars and printable recipes, hopefully my blog has been made more efficient and even more enjoyable to travel around.  Massive thanks to my wonder-woman Nadine Provenzano who I owe a lot of Prosecco to for creating this beautiful site!  

Have a good browse, and if you think my blog ‘cuts the mustard’, I would appreciate a little vote in the ‘Best Food Blogger’ category over on the Food Readers’ Award website!  Yes, its that time of year again when I beg you for your votes, but this year I am determined to succeed! 

Thank you all for your continued support – here’s to the next 100 recipes!

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